I Love Basketball

The last time I posted was the day we played Goose Creek. There was no miracle! We got beat, and we got beat pretty thoroughly. Then we won against Cane Bay the Saturday following. Then we lost the next two games against Ashely Ridge and Wando. We really got clobbered in both games.

That brings us to today. We will be playing Summerville tonight at 6:00 P.M. I have no idea how good they are this year. Maybe we can pull out another win. We have already won more games this year than I expected. It’s our best year since I’ve been on the team.

Perhaps one day Stratford will be on of the best teams in the district, but it will be long after I’ve graduated. At this point we just play because we love basketball. Well, I’m sure that’s true of most of the team. Why else would we keep showing up?

Many of us make up the softball team. So we will be taking revenge (hopefully) during  softball season. Oh, if I hadn’t mentioned it before (I have), or you forgot, WE ARE THE STATE CHAMPIONS! Did I write that too loudly?

Oh well, if you are in the area tonight come and see us play. The game will be at Summerville high school – Summerville, SC.

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