We Won Against Hanahan


Stratford won against Hanahan tonight, 43-33. However, Kat did not get to finish the game. She had to leave during the second quarter of the game to go to the ER. While going after a rebound she was elbowed, punched or maybe kicked in the face. Whatever it was nearly drove a tooth completely through her cheek.

Click the photo for a better look

I didn’t see it happen. But I did see her come running off court to find a trash can.  She spit out quite a bit of blood, which scared me when I saw it. I thought maybe a tooth got knocked out. So we had to go the ER, and found that she required stitches. She received 5. She was in quite a bit of pain. I think it will be very painful for the next week or so. There is no place on the body where injury is more miserable than inside the mouth. Ever bit your tongue really good?

The good news is that the team went on to win the game. When they played Hanahan the first time they should have won. They are a better team than Hanahan in my opinion. Hopefully the Stratford girls will have a pretty good season this year.

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