Senior Year

Headed for Limestone College

This is Kat’s senior year in high school. I can’t tell if she is excited about it or entirely bored with the idea. Anyway, her academic schedule this semester is more than I could handle when I was her age. Among her classes are calculus and psychology, neither of which she enjoys very much.

Right now it is volleyball season, but she is not playing this year. She is taking a much-needed break from physically challenging activities. Last year was a long season of softball, which ended with a State Championship victory over the Byrnes High School Rebels. She followed that with a summer season of softball with the SC Bandits travel softball team.

Basketball season is coming up and she is looking forward to playing. It is one her favorite sports. Unfortunately, the team at school hasn’t had that much success in the last several years. I doubt the team has any aspirations of grandeur. It will be all about fun, I’m sure.

It will be interesting to see how the softball team does this year. They had several seniors graduate last year. I’m not sure how many seniors are on the team this year. It will be interesting to see if they can lead their underclassmen to some success.

After graduating, Kat plans to attend Limestone College in Gaffney, SC. She seems extremely excited about that. She has been offered a softball scholarship. She will be getting several other academic scholarships as well.

She has done very well in school since she began in kindergarten. She has been reading since she was 4 years old, and she has always been extremely competitive. She still reads a tremendous amount, but she hates electronic readers, such as Kindle. She prefers physical books with real dog-eared pages.

I have no doubt she will do extremely well at Limestone. I am excited for her. Her brother Gabriel is a student at the University of South Carolina Upstate. He has enjoyed college more than I expected, which is pleasing. He is in his 3rd year.

They are both smarter than I ever was when I was their ages. They both have made me and our family very proud.


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