Last Game at Scenic City

Well, we beat Northwest Florida Riptide in our last game of the tournament. And other than MS Elite Prospect, we didn’t win against anyone else. The team is pretty new so it may take us a while to gel this year. There were times we played extremely well. We were more consistent defensively than when we were at bat.

It was very hot and dusty in Ringgold, Ga. where we were. In the first game, I scored our only run against FCA-SC, sliding head first into home.  I was spitting out mud for the rest of the night.

The days were extremely hot, and the nights were cool, maybe a little chilly. My dad, brother, and two other players with us drove up a day early. We took a little walk around downtown Chattanooga, where we stopped at Cupcake Kitchen and treated ourselves.

After walking around a little more we decided to go up Lookout Mountain, by way of the Incline  Railway. My dad freaked out a little. He kept his gaze focused on the glass ceiling of the railcar. When it stopped he pretty much ran off. Didn’t know his fear of heights was so severe. He really wanted to find do another way down but there was none.

We had a little fun this week. In a few weeks, we will be off to Denver, Colorado. Looking good forward.

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