Scenic City Softball Tournament

Kat is playing with the SC Bandits again this summer. We are currently here in Chattanooga, Tenn.,  and playing in Ringgold, Ga. at the Scenic City tournament. Yesterday was the first day we played. We lost our first game to FCA-SC. They beat us 2-1. Then we played again at 9:00 pm and won against MS Elite Prospects 2-0.

Our coaches are always laid back and supportive whether we win or lose. It was not so of our latter opponents, the Prospects. Their coach was a huge jerk. He yelled at them every time they made errors.  He forcefully removed his pitcher when she did not perform to his satisfaction.

When there was confusion with his base runners, and one of them subsequently being tagged out, he yelled mercilessly, belittling his players.

The crowds of parents were not pleased with him at all. The dude truly lost his cool. I’m pretty sure neither I nor Kat’s mother would have allowed her to continue playing for that guy. I don’t abuse my kids and I certainly wouldn’t allow some “coach” to abuse them.

Today we start our day against Southern Indiana Sizzle at 3:30 pm.

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