Stratford Stays Alive! Game 3 State Championship Friday!!!

Stratford Continues to Fight for State Championship

Last night’s 2nd State Championship playoff ball game was a real nail-biter! Byrnes and Stratford were tied when the 7th inning came around, but, Stratford failed to score their last time at bat. The game went into extra innings and, at the end of the 8th inning, the score was still tied 1-1.

The 9th inning began with each team having a runner on 2nd per the rules of the international tie breaker. Stratford’s defense held the Byrnes Rebels at bay. Stratford scored when their turn at bat came. Skye Moore scored the winning run when Byrne’s catcher lost control of a pitch at home plate. The final score, 2-1, Stratford. They will play the final game on this coming Friday.

I talked with Kat Tate via text after the game.

What do you mean, I’m out!

tony: So what was the mood of the team at the start?
Kat: Hopeful because we were going into that game with something to prove. Lol. We had a very good team meeting prior to the game.
tony: That’s what I like to hear. Now that you know for sure that they are beatable, does it give you more confidence?
Kat: Lol. We always knew they were beatable. We just had to capitalize on every chance we got.
tony: So how did that team meeting play out?
Kat:  Very well. Very inspirational.
tony: That’s cool. So are you guys psyched for Friday?
Kat: Heck yeah, we’re ready to snatch the State title right out of their hands.
tony: Hmm. The State title is in your hands as well. There are no teams that suck in the State Championship. Right? You guys are a Championship team. Remind your girls of that Friday.
Kat: I will. We deserve this.
tony: Yes, you do! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you girls play on Friday night.

The Stratford girls seemed ready for battle last night and they play a great defensive game. They believe they can win the State Championship, and so do their fans.

Friday’s game will be in Lexington, SC, a neutral location for both teams. It will be exciting. So, if you are in the area, come on out and support the Stratford Lady Knights!

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