Up Hill Battle

Last night Stratford girls couldn’t seem to come together. They lost their first game against the Rebels 10 – 3. The Byrnes girls can hit. Stratford will have to adjust their defense in order to overcome Byrnes’ strong offense, and also bring their own offensive game.

At least one of the Stratford players was under the weather and some injured (at least one not able to play). Stratford has a strong program and the girls stepping up to fill in where needed are up to the challenge.

The Knights will be on their own field tomorrow night at 6:30 P.M., as they host the Byrnes Rebels. Come on out and show your support if you are a Stratford Lady Knights fan.

Last. The Lady Knights have done an awesome job this year. You should be very proud. You pulled your team together to win the Lower State Championship. You getting to this point was no accident. You deserve to be here, playing for the State Championship.

Go, Knights!

One thought on “Up Hill Battle

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  1. Competition is all ways an up hill battle start to finish, you win as a team & loose as a team. Stratford it game on no looking back eyes on the ball swing them bats, best of luck as a team LETS GO KAT, LETS GO YOU GOT TO TALK THE TALK & WALK THE WALK. LADIES GET OFF YOUR TAIL END AS A TEAM YOU MADE IT THIS FAR NO TURNING AROUND. ALL THE WAY FROM KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI KIRSTEN ARON TATE YOU AUNT TRESSA & UNCLE KENNY ARE WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST


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