Pre-Game Interview w/Kat

Kat TateTony: You all have a 6-4 season so far. Think you can make it to the playoffs?
Kat: Yes. We’ll have seen every team in our region by Friday.
Tony: How did you and the team play last night? Do you think you are coming together as a team?
Kat: Yes. We’re able to pick each other up. The game was really slow, scoring wise, but, we came out hitting. Our defense had to do a lot of work because there were just hitting everything. But that got better as the game went on.
Tony: Awesome. Who do you play next?
Kat: James Island, tomorrow, at home. We beat them last years, 17-0.
Tony: So, would you say that you all are confident going into this one?
Kat: Yeah. Definitely, but, not just because we beat them last year. It’s because West Ashley was tied with us in the region and now we’re 4-0. So we’re all excited about that.
 Tony: Well good luck.

Stratford won against James Island. Score: 10 – 1
They also won again Against Goose Creek. Score 6 – 1

The next game takes place on Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Stratford vs. Wando, 7:00 P.M., @ Stratford

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