A Rough Basketball Season From a Dad’s Point of View

Typically, I would prefer that Kat post these blog spots about how her seasonal sports are progressing, and how she feels about it. However, this year’s basketball season has been a rough one for the Stratford Lady Knights. Kat has not been in the mood to reflect, or write about the season this year. So, I will share some thoughts of my own. I am her dad.

At the beginning of the season, it looked like the Lady  Knights might have a very strong team. However, they were not able to pull it all together to win some games. I personally think they have enough talent to be a winning team. It just didn’t happen.

By now, the team is frustrated. The coaches are frustrated. The team seems to have lost their drive. I don’t have any ideas about what a coach could do to make it better. So, I am not blaming anyone. I don’t think there is anyone to blame. After all, it’s just a game and its supposed to be fun. I know that is hard to do if you’re not winning.

I feel their frustration. I’m right there with them. There are just a few more games left, and I say to the Lady Knights of Stratford, continue to do your best, and give all you have to give. Be proud of your team and your efforts and who you are as a team. One day you will be winners. It is inevitable. Every winning team has crappy seasons in their past. So keep your heads up. You are the Stratford Lady Knights!

From one proud Dad

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