Playing In College

Kat At Limestone from Tony Tate on Vimeo.

Yesterday, I saw Kat play with her new college team, the Limestone Saints. She was definitely in her element. It was a Round Robin, fall games designed to get the team into playing outside opponents.

The team looked really good. I think they will have a great season. I look forward to seeing them play this year. The girls seem to have good relationships with one another. I saw good cohesion and they worked well together. I believed in them. I believe in my Kat  (😊).

I won’t get to see all the games, but, I will see as many as I can. And it’s not just about the team. Limestone seems to be a really good school, and Kat seems to be adjusting very well. As I  suspected she finds her schedule in college fairly easy to deal with. She has always been very good in school.

Her brother, Gabriel has also done well in college for the past 3 years. I am very proud of both of them. A father could not be more proud of his kids.


My grandmother, me, and my mom

I never updated what was happening with the end of the softball season. There was really nothing to report. We made it to the first round of the playoffs and lost to Dutch Fort high school. Then we lost again to Wando. The Byrnes Rebels finally won the State Championship.

Now for more joyous news. I graduated this past weekend! My grandmother and grandfather are here in town to help celebrate. And all my closest friends were also there. My Mom and Step-Dad took us to the Bohemian Bull for lunch after graduation. We had some great food and a lot of fun. Afterward, we all went to Diana’s (a close family friend) for cake and ice cream.

On Sunday mom and my grandmother and my dad and I did a little bit of shopping for stuff I’ll need when I go off to college in a few months. I am really excited about college. I received several scholarships, including and athletic scholarship to play softball at Limestone College.

It’s a new beginning. There will be new challenges, new friends, and new surroundings. I will be an English and Elementary Education major. I have always loved to read and I like working with small children.

I’m looking forward to moving on to adulthood. I am thankful for all of my parent’s support and encouragement throughout my life, especially my mom who is my biggest supporter. I love you all.


The Lady Knights enter playoff play this week in Columbia, SC.  Ashley Ridge were the regional winners this year. They have a really good team. Stratford didn’t do terribly this year, but were unable to bring it all together. There were games they should have won but didn’t. But to say they had a losing season wouldn’t be accurate. They still have good coaches, and they have determination to be the best. And anything can happen in a softball game. They are not out until they are out.

If you are able come on out and support the Lady Knights Softball team this Wednesday in Columbia.

James Island Falls

We are still struggling. It just so happens that James Island struggled more than we did tonight. We have a very young pitcher who will one day be a great threat in high school. She’s only an 8th grader right now, and she already shows promise for this season. However, the pitcher position is one of our weaknesses, but not our greatest weakness by a long shot.

Clips from the game

We are still making significant errors in the infield and the outfield. Tonight we won against James Island because they made more errors than we did. And our pitcher, young as she is, did a better job than the James Island pitcher. I don’t know her name (@James Island), but she walked several of our batters and caused us to score twice by doing so before her coach finally took her out. She left the game with  her shoulder in an ice pack.

We won, 14 – 4. We play West Ashley again on Wednesday the 29th. We beat them in our first match. If we have our act together we can beat them again. Come on out and support us.


We have lost the last 2 games in a row to Ft. Dorchester and Summerville. WE really need our get our act together. We are still making a lot of errors. We will have to do considerably better in order to make the playoffs. I still believe we can. It’s just a matter of getting it done.